“Keep that flame of love for Lebanon alive in your heart, while keeping your success in the diaspora.” – H.E. Minister Gebran Bassil

Lebanon Connect

Lebanon Connect, Bringing Lebanese Together.
If there is something we can say about the Lebanese Diaspora, it is their story of success! It is no secret that Lebanon has more of its descendants living abroad. Driven by their Phoenician ancestors’ wanderlust, the Lebanese traveled the globe and are today among the most successful immigrants in the world. Yet, wherever they are, the Lebanese always remain in touch with their kin.
Launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Lebanon Connect is an initiative aiming to connect the Lebanese living abroad to promote and foster economic and business opportunities between the Lebanese communities around the world. An innovative online and mobile platform, Lebanon Connect seeks to use digital technology to establish an active and effective international Lebanese lobby, while providing Lebanese professionals with the ability to promote and endorse their businesses, events and products.
In the future, Lebanon Connect looks on to become a platform on which Lebanese from around the world can get acquainted, interact, meet, acquire news, stay updated, purchase Lebanese products and inquire about any compatriot or business in the same geographical area. For more information and to download the application please Click Here

Invest To Stay

The Invest to stay program is based on the support of Lebanese expatriates who invest in touristic, economic, construction, and social projects in their countries of residence. The involved entrepreneurs/developers would hire workers of Lebanese origin and import products or materials from Lebanon to the greatest possible extent, while channeling 20% of their profits to investments in Lebanon.

Lebanese Schools

The Lebanese Schools project emphasizes the common interest between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to establish Lebanese schools in the Diaspora countries. The schools would follow the overall typical Lebanese curriculum and educational methods normally followed in Lebanon.

Diaspora Houses

This is a touristic and cultural project that includes the restoration of numerous ancient houses, to serve as a cultural hub and place of gathering for both emigrants and locals. It brought together many nationalities and helped them working together and exchanging ideas in a geographically small place but boundless with its significance. The result of this great effort resides in its cultural importance through the continuous setup of festivals, forums, and the participation of other countries with the hope of boosting cultural exchange. So far 5 houses were opened and some others are in the restoration process.

Buy Lebanese From the Heart of Lebanon

Buy Lebanese is an awareness initiative to effectively support local Lebanese produces and preserves, thus transporting the authentic taste and heritage of Lebanon around the world. The initiative aims to strategically promote manufactured and agricultural products through local and global campaigns, while supporting related projects and programs along the process.

Diaspora Cedar

Given that the Cedar is Lebanon’s most sacred national symbol, the 'Lebanese Diaspora Cedar Project' was created to allow Lebanese in the Diaspora to grow their very own Cedar tree in their homeland. Adopters would give their name to one of several Cedar trees planted in the Diaspora Cedar Land in Shatine- North Lebanon, with the hope to have other Diaspora Cedar Lands all over Lebanon. We started with 200 trees in 2014, and we aim higher every year… For more information please Click Here